Sam + Jess New Braunfels River Engagement

Location: New Braunfels Historic Faust Street Bridge

Dresses: Calvin Klein

Wedding Band and Diamond Setting: Paul Gross Jewelers

The interview:

Sam and I met while getting our doctorate in Physical Therapy at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. We were together for just under two and a half years when he completely surprised me with a proposal. It was actually my dad’s birthday so we had planned a hiking trip to Enchanted Rock and a visit to Garrison Brothers distillery near Fredricksburg for him. There was also a surprise dinner planned for him later that evening as well. Turns out the surprise was for me! We had gone up to Enchanted Rock because Sam had planned to propose to me at the top of the rock (we love taking hiking trips together) and the surprise party turned out to be a surprise engagement party for us! I was so shocked the day it happened. I was kind of expecting to get engaged within the next few months, but I had no idea what all he had been planning! To put the icing on the cake, the diamond Sam used in the ring setting is actually his grandmothers. She sadly passed away last summer and had always worn this ring with three diamonds in it. His grandpa left the ring to Sam’s dad who gave one of the three diamonds to each of his sons (Sam has two older brothers) to use for engagement rings when the time came. Sam and I are the first to get engaged with this special sentiment but I’m excited for when his two brothers share their diamonds and we can take photos with all three of his grandmother’s diamonds placed in our rings. 

This super sweet couple is so much fun to be around! I knew from the moment we sat down at for our consultation at The Loft Coffee House that we were going to be a perfect match! The wedding will be held next July at the beautiful St. Paul the Apostle church overlooking the lake at Horseshoe Bay. Their reception will be held at the nearby lodge and fingers crossed- the dock renovation will be complete so they can leave their reception by boat!! *insert Tara’s squeal!*

Knowing they were going to be surrounded by water on their wedding day- they thought it appropriate to have a great water location for their engagement photos and save the dates. I have loved the architecture of the Faust Street Bridge since we moved here and discovered it- and even go down to the waterfall with my family to play in the water in the summer! I was super confident this would be a beautiful backdrop for their photos. The bridge was so striking at sunrise! Even though I was battling fog on my lenses and a sleeping man on a bench next to us (oh dear), they were in great spirits and we managed to get some really playful shots! After the bridge, we headed down the dirt “steps” to head out to the water. A few fishermen were down there as well and some curious onlooking ducks. And I am soooo glad Jess braved walking out on that ledge! (Lord knows she was nervous!) I would also like to note, I have no idea what Sam was whispering in her ear in all these photos, but whatever it was- it produced some great genuine smiles on her face! While they headed back up to the car to change out of their river soaked clothes, I stayed behind to capture a few detail shots of Jess’ stunning ring. Several hugs and a parking lot selfie later, we said our goodbyes with smiles on our faces, all eager to see the shots we had captured that morning.