What exactly is boutique photography?

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why should i invest in a boutique photographer....

To get to straight to the point- its all about a higher level of service and attention to detail! SO many wedding photographers book as many weddings as possible to fill up their calendar year after year. They deliver 1,000 images after a few weeks of editing and then move on to the next client never to be heard from again. Now, while a gallery full of high resolution images sounds amazing... what this really means for you is WORK! You have paid $1,000's of dollars for wedding photography and you have been abandoned to finish the job of choosing, designing and ordering on your own. While we all have the best of intentions for printing our images and designing the most beautiful wedding album, let's get real... life gets in the way! I have almost lost count of the number of times a bride has texted me something like "Hey Tara, would you mind sending me a higher resolution of this image?" The backstory- I had given them what I thought they wanted- a gallery full of images they could download and print as they pleased... and guess what?! They weren't happy! The problem was not low image quality- it was print lab quality! My brides LOVED their gallery photos but were disappointed when they received their prints. Why, because I had done them a disservice. It's time to change the way we view and value photography. I want your photos to be a treasured collection of art and memories in your home- not just a new facebook profile and a grainy canvas from Costco. YOU DESERVE BETTER! Your wedding will be my ONLY wedding for the entire month, so you have my full attention, energy and focus! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and I intend on treating it that way.


Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

details people, details!

Whether you're working with me for your engagement shoot, wedding day, or your family photos I WILL be getting shots of those details! You know, the things you spent so much time to create & get just right even though your fiance / husband simply didn't understand. 
Remember that necklace your mother gave you on your wedding day? Or the penny your aunt told you to wear in your shoe to bring you a financially healthy marriage? Yeah... I want to see all of that  & capture it for you! 

Unless that is... you want to forget some of the BEST pieces of your day?

But seriously....

I want you to know what you're receiving with Tara Williams Photography

friendship & adventure

I want you to know that I take your photos seriously. I am beyond honored that you have chosen me to document your day & your family. 
I know that photography is one of the most important gifts we give ourselves. It's the only thing that allows us to replay a moment over & over & over. It's a real-life time machine, in my opinion. 
Because of that, I will walk you through step-by-step and provide you with tips, tools & laughs to make your photos the best ever! 
When we are finished, you're not losing me! You're gaining a new genuine friend! I care about you. I want to hear how your kids' first day of school was and the new recipe you tried out this week. 
If you don't like friends... well... that's too bad.

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Beautiful  professional  quality  products

custom hand designed heirloom wedding albums available in leather, linen, suede and velvet along with a variety of color options making each design as unique as your wedding day

professional quality prints you will be proud to display

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