John and Rachel’s Fall Riverside Wedding at the Frio Pecan Farm

Planner- Celebrations by Philip

Venue- Frio Pecan Farm

Dress- Mayfair Bridal

Florals- A VERY talented family member (like really talented!)

Cake- Sprinkles Custom Cakes

John and Rachel were married on a perfect fall day at a beautiful riverside spot at the Frio Pecan Farm. Below are some special words from the bride herself about her and John’s engagement and wedding day!

” …So the day before the proposal, John took a whole day off of work to drive 4 hours to see my dad and ask him if he was okay with John asking me to marry him. Then he knew that my mom is very important to me too and it would be meaningful for him to ask her as well so he drove over another 3 hours to ask her as well all unbeknownst to me. Flying has always been a big part of John’s life so for the engagement he wanted to incorporate that somehow. He asked me to go skydiving with him. So… I am deathly afraid of flying. I will do it, but it terrifies me. I was hoping he would ask me to marry him so I wanted to do something that scared me just as much as getting married might scare him, so I said yes! So we drove to San Marcos and did it! We free fell 10,000ft, pulled our chutes, and steered our way to the landing area. On the ground, I remembered John’s happy and encouraging face coming over to greet and congratulate me. John remembered my accomplished, but pale face… dry heaving. I was not used to the adrenaline and threw big wrench in John’s plan, but he adjusted. After a recovery period and some lunch, John took me out to the field that we landed in and asked me to take a different kind of leap with him, this one being a leap of faith into a lifetime of love, trust, and teamwork and I enthusiastically and whole-heartedly said yes!”

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“…The other very special story is the story of my ring. John is a 4th generation fighter pilot. My ring is an heirloom from the marriages of the first two fighter pilots, John’s great-grandparents and his grandparents. The band was worn by his great-grandmother and the stone was worn by his late grandmother’s. John’s grandfather told us that he purchased the diamond with every dollar he had as an aviation cadet to propose to John’s grandmother. They were married for 63 years until his grandmother passed early last year. “

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Probably one of the most special things about our wedding was the location. John and I met in San Antonio, but were long distance for most of our time dating. After three months of dating, John moved to Del Rio and I stayed in San Antonio. Leakey, is almost perfectly halfway between our two cities symbolizing the give and take and meeting in the middle we have done and will continue to do in our marriage.
We also love the outdoors and wanted to incorporate that while starting our lives together. We chose Leakey because it has the big, wonderful trees, rocks, and nature. John used to hunt for heart shaped rocks when he would travel other places and bring them home to me, so because John is a pilot and also loves to travel, I have heart shaped rocks from all over the US. Knowing this, Aunt Becky, who performed our wedding, gave us heart shaped rocks to remind us that we hold each others hearts and to always remember to care for and to protect each others hearts. We found so many heart shaped rocks on the beautiful Frio river that day. 
Finally the big beautiful trees were very important to us. The huge trees at the Pecan Farm were a symbol of what we strive for in our relationship. Like the rings of the tree, we expect to see times of drought and times of flood, but in the end we want to grow into a big beautiful tree that can provide protection and joy to those around us, so we planted a tree as our first act and exchanged rings as the first ring in our new sapling marriage.

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Joern!

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